A Clio Award winning veteran Bay Area audio and video producer, Scott Strain got his start in the San Francisco recording studio industry, producing radio and television commercials for top brands; e.g. Got Milk?, ESPN and Nike, and working with major recording artists and on feature films; e.g. Toy Story, James and the Giant Peach and Aladdin. His career spans creative direction for Silicon Valley companies that revolutionized voice activated applications and internet radio. Over the past 5 years, Scott has combined his skills and passion for fishing to develop a Northern California fishing network and become the region’s “go to” for promotional videos making use of action cameras and drone photography.



“Scott is the single most creative guy I know. A terrific product guy. If Scott is working as part of your team or company you have a fundamental strategic advantage both in the marketplace and vis-a-vis your competition. The work he did at Tellme (a company that owned very little of their technology) became part of the core value proposition Tellme offered within the industry. His products drove a rethink, both in consumer and enterprise products, about the primacy of user experience. The work he and his team did was Tellme's secret weapon. Whether an enterprise IVR, the world's largest directory assistance products, consumer voice portals or mobile applications, Scott left a signature on each of them. People knew his work.”

Gary Clayton
Chief Creative Officer at Nuance Communications

Scott is hand's down the most creative professional I've had the pleasure of working with.My recommendation for Scott boils down to one simple statement: if you have the opportunity to work with him, do it.

Dug Nichols
Creative Director at Periscope


Built a community of over 10k Northern California Anglers sharing fishing reports and news via our Website, Podcast and weekly radio segment on the California Sportsmen - CBS Sports 1140 AM in Sacramento. RodMob also produced promotional videos for many of the top fishing guides, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, International Sportsman’s Expo, Sacramento Boat Show and California Inland Fisheries Foundation.



Provided corporate promotional videos and team culture consultation.

Jelli, the first social music web service to enable 100% user-controlled radio allows users to take over a radio station with their browsers. Reinventing traditional broadcasting by empowering listeners to interact in a dynamic web experience, the Jelli community chooses in real-time what should play next – not just over an Internet stream, but also on the actual airwaves. With Jelli, users join forces to create the on-air playlist with real-time voting and other features, interact and discuss what they are hearing with the rest of the listening community, and rate what’s currently playing. The playlist is dynamic, and what plays next is determined by users seconds before it plays. The community can even vote to pull a song off-the-air, instantly, using one of the several unique features of Jelli. Featured on LIVE 105, a CBS RADIO in San Francisco (105.3 FM KITS).

Tellme provided voice recognition and instruction technology, fundamentally improving how people use the phone to get the information they need everyday. By combining Internet data and a voice interface, Tellme's services let people simply say what they want and get it. Some of the services running on Tellme's platform include business search on 411, information search on 1-800-555-TELL as well as customer service and ordering for companies like American Airlines, Merrill Lynch, and FedEx. Tellme powered billions of calls every year and is used by more than 40 month. Microsoft acquired Tellme in 2007, and Microsoft now uses Tellme's technology in Windows Phone's voice recognition, Bing voice search, Xbox voice recognition, and other Microsoft technologies.

Music scoring and sound design for advertising. Clients including: Nike & ESPN

Audio Engineering for Feature Films, Television, Radio, Music and Multimedia

Sound Affair
Santa Ana, CA - 1990-1992
Staff Engineer

1996 Clio Award | Got Milk? “True Love and Warm Brownies” Radio - Audio Production

- Certified Pro Tools Operator
- Certified Pro Tools Expert in Post-Production


- Soul Asylum - Recording Engineer
Faith No More - Recording Engineer
John Lee Hooker - Second Recording Engineer
Fang - Recording Engineer/Mixer
Polkacide - Recording Engineer/Mixer
Paul Kantner & Jefferson Starship - Recording Engineer

- Toy Story - Voice Recording
- James and the Giant Peach - Voice Recording
- The Nightmare Before Christmas - ADR
- Aladdin - Voice Recording
- Mrs. Doubtfire - Second Engineer/ADR
- Vampire Hunter D - Sound Design and SFX Editing

- X-Files - ADR Engineer
- Nash Bridges - ADR Engineer

-Nike - Recording Engineer
-ESPN - Recording Engineer
-Got Milk? - Recording Engineer
-Chevron - Recording Engineer
-San Francisco Symphony - Recording Engineer

Silicon Valley Stuff
-Jelli - Crowdsourced Radio
Verizon - Directory Assistance, Sports IVR
AT&T - Directory Assistance, Sports IVR
ESPN - Sports Center Voting IVR
Star Wars - Promotional IVR

-Lucas Arts
-Electronic Arts

Books on Tape
-Paul Kantner
-Robert Fulhgum
-Amy Tan
-Terry McMillian